Seniors Moving In The Right Direction


As a North San Diego County resident for over 28 years, and a Realtor for over 30 years, Nancy knows San Diego County!
She has earned 8 different designations relating to her real estate career. The one she is most proud of is her SRES - Seniors Real Estate Specialist - which she has held since 1999.
Nancy's Goal in serving her mature clients is to help them avoid Crisis Management! She has put together a team of professionals who help her guide her clients and their families in the right direction, be it staying in their current home, or chosing to relocate to the right-sized home that better fits their current needs. By looking at all the options now, she helps her clients avoid the big "C" word (Crisis).

It is a daunting task to leave a home after many years of wonderful memories. Where do you begin? Nancy understands how you feel. With her team of professionals, she is there to help you in a non-stressful, focused way move through each step of the way, from sorting through papers and files, to deciding what you want to keep, to deciding where all the rest goes - to
selling that home. Her team will even pack and move you to that right-sized home, and then unpack, and even hang pictures!
Nancy and her team are ready to take your life from - Overwhelming to Easy!
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